Director/Actor, producer Festival director

Nisti has travelled all over Sweden with her own shows. When it comes to large arenas, she is mostly known for her popular performances as Zeyno in Zeyno’s World. She is frequently hired for popular TV shows such as sing-along at Skansen, Doobidoo, På Spåret, The Interest Club and she had an appreciated summer talk this summer on the Nationally syndicated radio, channel P1. Nist is presently rehearsing Elektras Sisters and Cabaret under the direction of acclaimed Swedish director Suzanne Osten.

Since 2004, Nisti Stêrk has run her own production company, Stêrk Production, that produces innovative and entertaining performing art’s shos, films and Television. The business also includes book publications and scriptwriting projects with stories that most often reflect how Sweden looks today.

Nisti is also the festival director of the International Comedy Film Festival for which she has been gathering some of the biggest comedic stars and comedians in the world like, for instance, Jennifer Saunders. Nisti has also been the chairman of WIFT (Women and film in Television). She has served on the board of the Swedish Theatre Association. She recently produced and directed the documentary film entitled Only in Sweden Swedish Women Comedians Are Found, for Swedish Television. It has now been viewed by more than 10% of Swedens population. Nisti is also a frequently contracted host/presenter/MC and has been the host of 160 episodes of a Turkish talk show for TRT, Turkey’s equivalent to Swedish Television.

She is currently working on a feature-film script with British comedian Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones, Veep, Smak the pony, etc).


  • 2006 Stallbrödernas Bosse Parnevik-stipendium
  • 2006 Radiopriset (Du gamla du fria)
  • 2006 Kommunala landstingets stipendium
  • 2004 Fadime-priset (Elektras systrar)
  • 2003 Årets ståuppare (Rookie Norrköping)