Nisti Stêrk is one of the selected for the investment in female screenwriters!


The Swedish Film Institute unveils the selected for the investment in female screenwriters!

The selected ones are: Nisti Stêrk, Tove Forsman, Sofie Forsman, Carin Pollak, Therese Bringholm, Dunja Vujović, Petra Revenue, Maria Karlsson and Malin Marmgren. Missing from the picture are Nisti Stêrk, Agneta Fagerström Olsson, Cristina Gottfridsson, Sara Heldt and Ida Kjellin

A total of thirteen screenwriters have pitched ten projects with the possibility of becoming a feature film, with an estimated budget of over SEK 30 million.

The Institute’s statistics show that the proportion of female screenwriters in Swedish film is only 30 percent, and that the proportion of women in all positions is decreasing as the budget grows. The manuscript (which extends until 2021) is part of remedying this, to increase gender equality and the diversity of stories.


Nisti host of the Swedish Alma Prize


May 27, Belgian author Bart Moeyaert received the Literature Prize for Astrid Lindgren’s memory at theConcert Hall in Stockholm. The award was presented by the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria. In his thank-you speech, Bart Moeyaert emphasized the importance of offering meaningful memories to the children.



Nisti’s character Zeyno makes a comeback after 10 years.


Zeynos “mello” (Swedish Eurovision) is based on the performance Zeynos world which was a touring theater performance (played 300 times). Shortly after that, Zeyno’s world was broadcast in SVT to a wide audience (about 1 million) in primetime and also appeared on Allsången 2007. After touring the country and kingdom, Nisti laid down Zeyno and decided that her return would be in a moving picture. Now she ismaking comeback at the Swedish Melodifestivalen 2017.



Stockholm City Cultural Award.



Nisti received Stockholm City Cultural Award. The following explanation:

As a dedicated and versatile artist Nisti Stêrk has gone her own ways, and tells it in the show ”What became of you?” Of Swedish cultural heritage most beloved artists.