Swedish Women Comedians


Swedish Women Comedians
- A journey through the history of Swedish female comedians

Idèa & Screenplay: Nisti Stêrk
Director: Nisti stêrk
Duration: 58 Minutes
Producer: Nisti stêrk
Wingman & Story Editor: Henrik Von Sydow
Editing: Kaveh akaber
DoP: Iga Mikler
Sweden is the most gender-sensitive country in the world. But where does Sweden stand when it comes to gender equality in comedy?

How was it back then and how is it today? The film, Only in Sweden Swedish Women Comedians Are Found, received an A-mark stamp on the Gala Premiere in Stockholm 4 March 2019 and was screened at Tempo Documentary Film Festival, Sweden’s largest documentary film festival. It was also selected at the Gothenburg Film Festival and has received more that one million views on tv.

Join comedian Nisti Stêrk on her journey through the history of Swedish female comedians, from when they all started, in the beginning of the 1900’s, to present day. We will meet prominent women comedians such as, for instance, Julia Cæsar to Clara Henry, from women like Hjördis Pettersson to Gina Dirawi.

What thematic boundaries have been crushed over the years? What stage presence and massmedial space have women commanded and what influence do they have today – on stage, in stand-up, on film and TV? Can women joke about the same things as men? Are women forced to be vulgar and swear like a man to be successful? Do women comedians have a voice of their own? What role models do the current female comedians have? Do they every look to the past to see who came before them?

Together with some of Sweden’s foremost Swedish female comedians, Nisti Stêrk turns to the questions about how it was back in the day and journey to the present day. She will investigate where it all started, what happened along the way and in what direction the Swedish female humor scene will take in the future.

Through Nisti Stêrk’s spontaneous warmth and curiosity, we get to meet contemporary female comedians as well as history’s great comedy stars. Together with Nisti and her friends, we will laugh at old jokes, unfamiliar and familiar faces, and explore what’s new on the Swedish comedy scene today.

Eva Rydberg, Birgitta Rydberg , Meg Westergren, Sissela Kyle, LIll Lindfors, Pia Johansson, Gina Dirawi, Anna Blomberg, Maria Lundqvist, Moa Svan, Ann Westin, Klara Zimmergren, Bianca & Tiffany Kronlöf, Shanti Rydwall-Menon, Pernilla Hammargren, Therese Sandin, Hanna Dorsin, Emma Molin, Clara Henry, Zinat Pirzadeh, Annika Lantz, Sissela Benn, Yvonne Skattberg, Ami Hallberg-Pauli, Sara Young, Lill-Marit Bugge & Anna-Lena Brundin


12 november, 2019